14 January, 2019

Small curved bar for residential, home, House!

A curved bar mainly use in a corner space, where guest or host feel comfort, may be it's installed properly bar space in house of residential home or can be put on generally drawing room, when need privacy than put on specify area of drinking place otherwise want to show as decoration purpose than can be installed mainly drawing room or nears of dinning area, well about curved bar top put on black chip granite with high gloss diamond polish & stand on six stainless steel pipe than can be (502 grade) other fill up outer wpc with high glossy epoxy paint & host side installation as per needs & requirement!


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13 January, 2019

Why need bunk bed in a home, House!

How to happy two kids in a sharing kids-room, here we served solution for teenagers or (3 years to 15 years) bunk bed (step roof bed), with all over kids-room interior as his/her emotions, when to plan utilised all area with practicality and creativity form than mainly focusing on the space utilization as per technics with beauty, for example for space plan than focus on kids bed, two or more sitting study table, playing toys storage, wearing cupboards & much more such as moods of his/her own way like or dislike.


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08 January, 2019

Delhi Interior Designers Ideas, Creativity Presented by 2d Layouts with 3d view.

Medical science building, its building design 3d view or can say created by 3d design software, who make by 3d designers or modelers, why need 3d view, actually now day means beginning of smart modern day, Professional Interior Designers created with 3d software result it's called 3d view. 
Why need? 
Simple look actual visualize before any hard investment. 
So most of clients require 3d view design & details, No doubts it’s very helpful to any type of startup projects.

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05 January, 2019

Bedroom Interior Designers & Decorators in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida.

Western bed-room interior design, self-defined it's luxurious look with suitable comfort spaces & utilization, very neat & clean wall paint as on peach colour with bordering smooth pop moulded mouldings after that put on beautiful paintings on head side wall & noted or eye catches form seating comfort three seat sofa velvet blue fabric with two seat puffs & lots of cushions.

In-short a complete bedroom interior define all over functional products & latest design base!

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04 January, 2019

Bedroom Interior Designers & Decorators in Delhi-NCR, India.

A complete bedroom interior look define just on by bed header, plan a luxurious bedroom interior, make a lots of decisions by self or professional interior designer but how get maximum effect against of minimum cost, simple put on main focused head side wall effects!

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4 Lotus interior | Design & Build

The firm 4 lotus interior registered proprietorship firm & 1st project done since 2006 for a residential interior design & execution project such a 2800 sq.ft.area, after that proceed long time frame after firm situated a leader in this field such as architecture, interior, construction & renovation work.


The journey started very smooth but gone through the hard work that have been doing for the past couple of months & years and working on the first one to be honest with the company to get the best!



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