30 August, 2021

Furniture Design Solutions

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to mixing different looks in your home. When done well, mixing modern furniture with vintage looks can look very stylish and allows you to introduce interest into your home that may mostly feature modern furniture. Manage the proportion of the two different styles, be mindful of your end goal and how you want your modern furniture to fit with your new vintage style pieces. Comfortable seating in many forms integrated into your office creates a more home-like environment. Lounge areas with ergonomic couches and footrests provide comfortable spaces for meetings and collaboration. Bring these work from home designs to the office with a modern flair.

You want to ensure your lighting is up to par so that your guests can have pure relaxation when staying in their hotel room. When designing your hotel furniture, ensure that you purchase warm lighting when selecting fixtures, soft lampshades, and lightbulbs. You want to make sure that any paintings, furniture design, and decorative items all play into the balance of the space. There's actually a number of ways to describe the idea of an active workstation. You may have heard people mention they were looking for a "sit to stand desk", "sit to stand workstation", "adjustable height desk", a "standing height workstation", or something along those lines.

23 August, 2021

Home Interior Design Solutions

We bring you creative home design ideas that work together beautifully to form inspired living spaces. Get thoughtful home interior design elements that add real and lasting value to your interiors! Make the most of compact spaces with space saving furniture that are ingenuous and innovative. Transform your living spaces with interior designs that make optimal use of available space. The simplest approach is to create a coordinated style that extends throughout the entire home, but that option can restrict the creativity and expressive potential of the occupants. The other option is to create a different theme within each functional area, but this requires careful planning and a unifying design layer to make sure the home doesn't clash or feel too eclectic.

Explore chic home interior designs crafted and curated by 4 Lotus's team of experts to serve as inspiration for your next project. The ever-expanding collection of interior design ideas are aimed at showcasing how we create functional yet stunning rooms in your home. Our purpose is to design rooms so cozy that you can’t wait to come back to. The workspace features plenty of extra storage to minimize the need for a larger desk. The shelves also double as a display for decorative items to make the living space feel more homey and lived-in. Connect with us for more home interior design related queries.

16 August, 2021

Shop Interior Design

Designing shop interiors is extremely important. Including shop furniture, wall designs and storage design is required to make the shop interior look attractive. We design shop interiors that remove mess from the shop and make it look more organized and arranged. Best shop interior design also helps owners to stay ahead from their competitors. Every shop tells a story, and it’s designs make that story more interesting. You can modify your shop interior design and repurpose items that create more meaning to you. Connect with us today to design your shop, we’ll make it luxury.

In the era of online shopping, creating your shop uniquely designed to attract customers is required by all the shopkeepers. We create a shop as per your need and fix all the things with more perfection. Whether your idea is to modify your shop interior design or create a new shop interior you can contact us for all your interior designing needs. We provide best shop interior designing services which fits in your budget and give your shop a new look. Fulfilling your shop interior design goal is our priority and fitting in your needs is always we look forward to.

09 August, 2021

Furniture designers and manufactures

The correct furniture can improve your home aesthetic by many levels. It adds to the overall decor and feel of your home interiors. And the best part is, you do not have to limit yourself to a particular kind of furniture in every room. Each individual room can have its own individual flavor and look. Furniture evolution is even more obvious from a design point of view. Nowadays, furniture style tends to change faster than ever before and homeowners are now able to make a choice from many available different designs giving them a direct access to their tastes and aesthetic appeals. This apparent challenge to established norms in design invigorates creativity and inattentiveness in coming up with new styles.

Designing commercial furniture for many industries differs slightly in its objectives. These types of furniture will be used in environments that host the general public, who vary greatly in their personal needs. Since not all people weigh the same, are of the same build, have the same mobility etc. Furniture for these environments must be very user-friendly, adaptable or simple in its design and function. It must also be able to withstand the highly repetitive use and abuse that it will undergo in its environment. 4 lotus interior experts will help you design your furniture for your commercial and residential space. Our skilled team can help you with their creative interior design ideas with space plan for furniture.

02 August, 2021

Hotel Interior Design

Hotel interior design is continuously shifting. One day guests love abstract while the next they crave minimalism. Today's hotel guests are primarily focused on two things - technology and sustainability. When it comes to hotel interior designing, the concept is the foundation upon which all other elements are built. Right from the reception area in the lobby to the individual rooms, build everything around a uniform concept. For instance, for a hotel that thrives on offering comfort and warmth to make the guests feel at ‘home’, the focus of the interior design concept will be hotel style hues and touches all over. Likewise, a hotel with environment and sustainability at the heart of its existence, will have a concept that builds on natural elements incorporated into the overall design.

Guests are gravitating toward more socially conscious spaces, even when it comes to travel. While you don’t necessarily have to create a forest in your hotel, having a more relaxing room can help business guests looking for a relaxing space at the end of the day. Having happy guests tends to lead to positive reviews. In terms of artificial lighting, this principle is much the same. Light colored walls mixed with warm lights can create the feeling of a large yet inviting space. Motion-detecting lights may not be best for hotel rooms interiors, but great for community spaces to ensure that lights are off when no one is using the space.

29 July, 2021

Villa Interior Design

A luxury villa living experience is not determined by one single attribute. It is the culmination of many opulent features working in conjunction to give you the best of the best. A luxury villa is one that ‘spoils’ its residents with lavish convenience that is far beyond what would be considered ordinary in any other kind of villa. While every feature defines luxury in its own unique ways, only when stacked together does it allow your villa to stand out amidst others that share the same luxury tag. 4 lotus interior designers will help you create the interior of your villa. We work hard to show your villa as your dream paradise.

Decorating a villa in Delhi can be quite a challenge. If done well, the rewards are there for you to show off and be the talk of the town. Contemporary, classic, minimalist, modern, bohemian – whichever route you take, the enormous space inside a luxury villa has the potential to explore your creativity. Though indoor plants always found their way inside a Villa, the strategic location, choice of plants and the background hues gets redefined this season. Wood, Metal or Glass – choose the material that goes with your Villa’s overall setup, add a dash of vibrant color, and accessorize with door mats, lanterns, custom knobs etc. Remember, the bigger the dimension, the better the output.

26 July, 2021

Salon Interior Design

In creating a beauty salon interior design should be your priority. Salon designs are crucial in presenting generous beauty businesses. After all, you are marketing style and beauty when you set up a beauty salon. The salon design is the staple of your creativity that presents how you interpret beauty. Likewise, beauty salon designs serve as your expression of the art. Hair salon interior design isn’t just for the customers, though, it’s also for the staff. If you want to attract the best possible staff, create a working environment that is clean, comfortable, work-friendly and beautiful. Our salon interior designers professionals have completed many projects related to salon interior design.

Designing a functional and attractive salon or spa that represents the brand and vision is for some, the most exciting part of opening a business. For others, not knowing where to start can turn the whole experience into a nightmare. Our experts have unique solutions related to your salon interior design. Salon furniture by its very nature must be able to work and work hard. Stations need ample storage for the supplies a stylist needs to function as well as access to electricity, a safe place for hot tool storage and of course, an attractive mirror for the client. Come by our office or call and speak to our expert and let us show you the almost endless choices in style available for your salon.

22 July, 2021

Modular Kitchen Design

In a modular kitchen, each kitchen cabinet is made as different modules and all those are brought in and assembled together to form the entire kitchen. The modular kitchen cabinets can be assembled / disassembled and moved to another location and reassembled again. The kitchen is undeniably a reflection of an individual’s personal style. The modular kitchen embodies our latest designs serving as the reflection of the ever-transforming lifestyle of modern-day consumers. Our modular kitchen designers and dedicated team of installers are trained and highly experienced in handling all kinds of modular kitchen fittings with utmost precision and efficiency. You can reach us for more ideas related to modular kitchen design.

The most affordable modular kitchen price with best-in-class services makes us highly demanded in this industry. Covering all the popular types and styles of modular kitchens, we can serve you with various kitchen shapes too. Marble is the most commonly used natural stone, the perfect choice for most kitchen countertops. Add fine luxury and class to your splendid kitchen by installing marble countertops adding real estate value to your beloved home. Laminate counters are a smooth-surfaced plastic-coated synthetic surface that’s very easy to clean, maintain and manage. There are innumerable options available among laminate counters that you can easily curate by putting your own spin. 

19 July, 2021

Farmhouse Interior Design

Farmhouse style is all the buzz these days in the décor world. More importantly it is a beloved and growing trend with real people, not just designers and trend setters. Why all the popularity? Because anyone and everyone can achieve it. It is not difficult, and it’s not expensive. How great is that? Not only is it easily attainable but in this fast-paced, high-tech world it brings us back to our roots. It reminds us of a simpler time and gives us a feeling of being connected to the land and this country’s history. 4 lotus interior design team will help you with trending farmhouse design ideas.

Farmhouse interior design is a decorating style that takes inspiration from the look of an actual farmhouse and uses decorative elements that you’d find in rural or agricultural areas. Farmhouse interiors are warm, cozy, relaxing and full of charm and character. Rustic farmhouse design is all about celebrating the natural and rough-hew aspects of the farmhouse aesthetic. Think of this version of the style as a blend between rustic and traditional, that even sports a bit of an industrial flair. While planning, remember, the functionality should be at the heart of your plan. Decorative elements should be below practical solutions in your list of priorities. 

15 July, 2021

Restaurant Interior Design

When eating out, a good review isn’t solely down to the food a restaurant’s interior plays an important role in the whole experience. Knowing how to create an environment that complements the menu and the space’s interior architecture is no simple feat. From defining restaurant furniture to choosing a color palette and lighting plan, our Interior Design team shares their advice for your interior design project. You’re ready to set your restaurant apart from the competition, and one of the ways to do this is with a great floor plan. Why? Before you start picking out paint chips and furniture, you want to decide your setup.

Choosing an aesthetic for your business can be overwhelming – there are a lot of restaurant design and décor ideas out there! As you open your new restaurant you have a lot of decisions to make: from choosing your restaurant POS to choosing the napkins, so help you narrow down your options. There's no doubt that our restaurant décor ideas on a budget will save you money. First impressions go a long way. Wow your diners with your beautiful entrance. This might sound like a daunting task especially for the small restaurant, but you can use some design tricks to come up with the perfect entrance. Reach us for restaurant design ideas.