20 January, 2021

Door to door services by 4 Lotus interior

 We are experts at interior designing and whether you want to renovate your home or office, you can reach us out for door step services at your place. You can get in touch with our interior professionals and experienced designers for best tips and suggestions for your home/ office renovation. We provide door to door services and consultation and you just need to call us once for the services at your door. We deliver our services at affordable prices and we always value your inputs for designing your home. We never compromise for quality and hence we deliver the best quality interior which falls under your budget. 

Our door to door services makes it easy for our customers to get consultation sitting at their home and looking for many options at the same time. We know how valuable your home is for you and hence we make sure that everything is made up of the best quality material which ensures long- lasting durability and highest designs for your interior. We always make sure that our customer feels happy by our services and so we always try to fit ourselves in our customers' shoes. 

19 January, 2021

Design finalized & preparation on site & factory

 When you have invested quite a bit of money into your home or your office you would definitely want to showcase its style and make it look its best. 4 lotus interior designers are the perfect people who will help to give the best effect to your home or office making it a perfect blend of beauty and elegance. We take the project and work on it then design that project with our experts using the latest technologies. We can prepare the project on site & factory as per the requirements of the project.

We focus on a few pointers which will help our client to save money. 4 lotus interior experienced and expert designers provide perfect solutions without pinching your pocket. We do professional assessment as we have spatial intelligence as well as complete knowledge of designing. We can provide professional services according to the budget of the client and save your time and money. 4 lotus interior designer has a thorough knowledge of the availability of resources related to the decoration of a residential and commercial project.


18 January, 2021

4 Lotus interior - Interior design with interior contractors

 We are one of the most trusted interior designers and interior contractors in Delhi (ncr) where we work hard to give the results that meet the expectations and needs of our valuable clients which seek our services. We are the name people recognize in corporate and residential interior designers and contractors in Delhi (ncr) because of our excellent service and clients. Interior designing is something that needs the right composition of all the components and requirements to create a beautiful place that suits all the needs efficiently and looks pleasing to the eyes. 

There are many components which play a very important role in great interior designing and affect design directly. Our experts work on floor layout. The floor layout plays a very important role in interior designing because most of the things placed on the floor and the convenience is what everyone needs. Interior contractors for the corporate world is a place where you need expert guidance to utilize each available space in the best possible way. 4 lotus interior is the best firm in interior design with interior contractors.

17 January, 2021

Customized Furniture for your home and office!

 At 4lotus Interior, every worker is experienced and creative who always work towards their goals and achieve them by delivering the best quality products and designs. We are highly associated with delivering good grade products to our customers along with superiority, creativeness and long lasting product life. We provide customized furniture based upon the customer’s need and space of office or home. We are a responsible and ethical company and we always work towards the satisfaction of our customers. Our customized furniture is made using creative ideas and based on the look of your space.

We utilize the latest cutting-edge technology for developing our products and our customized furniture looks beautiful when placed at home. We always work towards our clients and their dreams to convert them into reality. 4 Lotus interior is in the business of customized furniture with a simple goal to deliver best designs and high quality products in the market.

16 January, 2021

Your Saloon Look Change

 4 lotus interiors help to perfectly update the dull looking reception, waiting area and the workstation of a salon and spa and transform it into an impressive, beautiful and stylish facility. 4 lotus interior design experts are appropriately chosen according to the design theme to add an alluring tone to the modern salon and spa space. Our inspirational designs and a modern space arrangement which is high in functionality reflect our unique and creative interior designing style.

Our experts use space saving shelving units and furniture for a smaller set up , creative and stylish storage units. We take care of stylish flooring as well. We include appropriate and comfortable furniture which is the most important part of salon design. Customer comfort at salons is really very important so our experts take care of this too. We use the beautiful color schemes which suit your saloon and spa interior. The facilities that are included should be up to date and also stylish in order to maintain the appearance of the salon. We can give you the solutions for your saloon look change which comes under your budget.

15 January, 2021

Office renovation solutions by 4 Lotus interior

 4 lotus interior designers can share with you beautiful ideas to renovate your office space. The right d├ęcor ideas do wonders on uplifting the environment with positive vibes and creating a huge impact on the success of your business. The company’s vision and ethos should reflect through the designs you choose to display in the common area. Colors are a very potent communication tool, especially at office space, where we constantly brainstorm for ideas and overthink. These days eco-friendly office spaces are in trend so we can renovate your old office into the new style so that your employees could get positive vibes while they enter. 

We should keep in mind every small thing related to designing your office space. 4 lotus interior experts focus more on the little things like stationery items, pen stands , dustbins, a coffee station etc. The color and texture of stationery items plays a vital role in showcasing. We can suggest you the comfortable furniture that will take care of your employees health as well. We have the best team of office interior designers in Delhi (ncr) to build and renovate your office space into a dream office. Contact us for further insights into our services. 

14 January, 2021

Kids room design ideas by 4 Lotus interior

 We have incredible kid-room decoration ideas inspired by fairy tales and creative content. Kids have different visions for the way they would prefer to decorate their room and our experts know how that vision will become reality. We just work between children’s imagination and our patterns and styles. We make sure that your kid’s room is designed in such a way where you kid can organize their things by themselves whether they want to keep their books on the shelves or their toys in a toy box.

Painting your kid’s room with stars, moons and different lights can give it a more fairy tale look which your kid will definitely enjoy. We can add up night lights which your kid will appreciate more and their room will become a happier part of their lives. We can arrange comfy sitting arrangements for your children which can help your children to adjust themselves easily while studying or playing with their toys. 4 lotus interiors always work for their customer’s satisfaction and our experts always work with more creative ideas and designs for kid-room decoration.

13 January, 2021

4 Lotus Interior - Kitchen Renovation Professionals

 When we talk about kitchen remodeling, we mean to completely renovate or make a brand new kitchen with the help of harmonizing design and pattern. You can either opt for closed upper cabinets or for open shelves. We prefer you to transform your kitchen with new appliances, decoration and better floor planning. If you want to do kitchen remodeling then what you can opt for is redo your floor planning. Nowadays people go for options where they can find the tricks for cleaning their kitchen floors easily, we can help you with best renovation ideas for your flooring which will make your kitchen beautiful and you can do floor cleaning easily. 

Our experts provide best solutions for kitchen flooring, kitchen shelves, dishes sinks and storage patterns. 4 lotus interiors always focus on kitchen remodeling with new techniques and new designs and decoration ideas. We will help you to make your kitchen a place where you would definitely want to spend your maximum time either alone or with your family members, enjoying dinner, lunch, breakfasts and tea or coffee.

12 January, 2021

Best bedroom interior designer in delhi (ncr)

 Bedroom is a place in your home where you relax and spend the night. The team of 4 lotus interior teams will help you to decorate your bedroom interior. We have different ideas for your bedroom. You can add so many things in your bedroom like a TV wall, fireplace, ceilings design, bedroom lighting and wood and rustic accent etc. Many traditional and contemporary homes include a tray ceiling in the bedroom. If you want a traditionally-designed master bedroom will almost certainly have matching lamps to remain true to its elegant sensibilities. 

4 Lotus interior team expert in bedroom designing. Our experts suggest the best ideas for your dream bedroom. Our bed needs to be comfortable and inviting – a soft place to land at the end of each busy day. The master bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head, but a space to dream in. We can design a master bedroom or a small size bedroom too. it depends upon the space in your home and your wish. So, if you are looking for bedroom interior then you're at the right blog.

11 January, 2021

Home renovation by 4 lotus interior

 Are you looking for a few fabulous ideas for renovating your home? Well, you have reached the perfect site at the most apt time. Yes, having been associated as interior designers in delhi (ncr) for numerous homes and commercial projects, we are glad to share few scintillating ideas that can simply elevate aesthetic appearance and functionality of your beautiful home. Right from furniture of your home to color schemes, we have sure shot winner ideas for homes of all sizes, shapes, and themes that are bound to captivate the attention of onlookers. 

4 lotus interior designers team can renovate your home just by installing a few vertical items such as fireplaces or cabinets and opting for low height furniture, it is definitely possible to make your room look larger. Also, it would also be a smart move to go for mirrors at strategic locations to throw more light and enhance the scale of the room. Be in touch with us.

10 January, 2021

Lighting solutions by 4 lotus interior

 Lighting your home makes it more attractive. The majority of our time is spent at our living rooms, so it is important to have easily controllable (think dimmers) and functional lighting in this space.  Try to combine overhead lighting with a mix of floor and table lamps. Don’t forget to make use of the natural light in your living room as well. Open shades and draperies to let daylight filter in.  Not only does it make your home look beautiful, but it saves energy too.

Our experienced interior designers can help you know how much lighting is essential for your home. Whether it’s your dining room, kitchen, living room or bedrooms lighting adds a sweet flavor for your home space. 4 lotus interior is expert in lighting up your home and decorating it with different light colors. Lighting and interior design go hand in hand when creating your perfect space. Lighting can have the power to change a space from plain and uninviting, to warm and welcoming.  So, be sure to select lighting that will not only suit the style and function of your space, but will also enhance the ambience of your home.  

09 January, 2021


Our dedicated home interior designers work with you tirelessly to tie your style with their design expertise, creating the perfect interior design plan. They will also ensure that the plan is executed using the materials of the highest standards you can retreat your space by choosing beautiful designs for your home. Your space and our creativity matches your requirement. We always works towards making your home a beautiful space to live in. The pursuit of effective use of space, user well-being and functional design has contributed to the development of the contemporary interior design profession. Our interior designer experts always deliver their best to make a space different and more developed.

4 Lotus Interior is the right choice for you to get the best services of Home Interior Designer. Creating an aesthetically pleasing interior is vital to make your Home space look more enjoyable and amazing. That’s why we help you in creating a perfect and more beautiful Home interior. You can expect the best possible interior designing services for your Home from us. 

08 January, 2021

Home interior solutions by 4 lotus interior


Architecture and designing tends to influence the minds of people. A beautifully decorated house triggers relaxation and also a sense of joy. To keep up with the growing trend in designing, the 4 lotus interior designers in delhi (ncr) have brought forth a range of decorating techniques which are changing the looks of many residential homes. The interior decorators at 4 lotus can suggest some ideas which can help you to decorate your home and make it a beautiful and dreamy haven.

Each room should be decorated in such a way that it reflects the style and persona of the individual. We can design your rooms according to an individual person's theme or thoughts. Beautiful draperies and window treatments will surely add glamour to your rooms. We can make better use of the space near your windows by adding a window seat. Where you can sit and  enjoy your morning or evening tea or you can enjoy the raining weather as well. We can suggest the best suitable curtains for the windows.

07 January, 2021

Floor Planning by 4 Lotus interior


We provide best interior designers, skilled decorators and experienced interior contractor services in Delhi (ncr). We do both residential and commercial interior. We are experts in floor planning, Our professionals create a sketch of floor plan that shows the basic layout and dimension of a home. We take care of every single aspect in floor planning like Measurements, Roof Overhang and Angle and Windows. Before designing a house or office, we create their floor plan sketches , Construction blueprints and site plans.

We work in a very professional manner. Construction blueprints include all the elements of the construction. The site plan shows the position of the structure on the lot in relation to the lot’s boundaries. Interior planning is a base of interior design thoughts, ideas & requirement, in short we can say interior planning part of designs or planning of budget.4 Lotus interior designing team use latest technologies to create your space beautiful and attractive.

06 January, 2021

Spa and salon interior solutions by 4 lotus interior

 4 Lotus interiors have a creative interior designers team for saloon and spa. The salon and spa reflect an aura of style and vibrancy. We include innovative designs and impressive interiors in our work. The designing should reflect beauty and style. This is essential to retain the client which is very important for the success of its business. Better Interior Attracts More Customers in Beauty Business.

The important thing we need to keep in mind while designing a salon and spa is providing maximum comfort both for the client and the people working in the salon. Our designing professionals team have expertise in within the given space and the budget of the client they can design and create awesome, multi-functional and spacious interiors. We use space saving shelving units and furniture for a smaller set up, unique and sophisticated interior decors and stylish flooring etc.


05 January, 2021

Corporate Furniture Solutions


The 4 lotus interior team has the skilled furniture artist which will take care of your future business goals in terms of furniture. The modular office furniture can accommodate your ever-changing needs, adjust with the current requirement, and add to your future layouts. Our team can help to create efficient office furniture and styling techniques to make your office space look clean and spacious. The Modern Cubicles, Storage and Space Units, Office desk, Comfortable Executive Chairs, Modern Conference Table, Collaborative Furniture, Computer Desks and Wall Shelly are important items of office furniture.

The modern offices should promote comfort, health, and work efficiency. Modular Furniture, Modular Workstations, Modular Partitions, Knock Down Furniture and Modular Storage Units. Our 4 lotus professional team helps you out with the right chair that speaks volume about your office environment and concern towards your employee’s health. We are one call away to design your office furniture.