02 August, 2021

Hotel Interior Design

 Hotel interior design is continuously shifting. One day guests love abstract while the next they crave minimalism. Today's hotel guests are primarily focused on two things - technology and sustainability. When it comes to hotel interior designing, the concept is the foundation upon which all other elements are built. Right from the reception area in the lobby to the individual rooms, build everything around a uniform concept. For instance, for a hotel that thrives on offering comfort and warmth to make the guests feel at ‘home’, the focus of the design concept will be home style hues and touches all over. Likewise, a hotel with environment and sustainability at the heart of its existence, will have a concept that builds on natural elements incorporated into the overall design.

Guests are gravitating toward more socially conscious spaces, even when it comes to travel. While you don’t necessarily have to create a forest in your hotel, having a more relaxing room can help business guests looking for a relaxing space at the end of the day. Having happy guests tends to lead to positive reviews. In terms of artificial lighting, this principle is much the same. Light colored walls mixed with warm lights can create the feeling of a large yet inviting space. Motion-detecting lights may not be best for hotel rooms, but great for community spaces to ensure that lights are off when no one is using the space.

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