28 April, 2021

How to define a budget for your interior design project

 How to work out your interior design budget if you don’t know what you want? We discussed budgeting for a ‘cosmetic’ interior design project. Many clients approach us with a general project in mind – a refresh of a decorative scheme, perhaps, or a new extension – but have not set a budget because they are not sure exactly what they are going to end up doing, and they have no idea what the potential costs are. Whether you have lacs of rupees or significantly less to work with, you need to carefully plan and make tough choices to stay within your interior design budget. Keep in mind that decorating with frugality isn’t about being cheap; it’s about being smart.

How to define a budget for your interior design project

4 Lotus interior professionals will help you to find the right budget for your interior project. As a client eager to improve your living space it's important not to confuse the word "budget" with the concept of "life savings". Your budget should be the amount that you are happy to spend to achieve the result that you desire. Budget is a detailed list of every element involved in your project. This includes furniture, raw materials, build costs, repair services, installation fees, window treatments, wall finishing, flooring, artwork, accessories and consulting fees. You can connect with us for more consultation about your interior design budget.

How to define a budget for your interior design project

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