04 April, 2021

Kitchen ideas by 4 Lotus interior design


kitchen ideas, renovation and design

Designing a kitchen can seem a daunting task; there's so much to consider and as the hardest working room in the house. You can create a functional and inviting kitchen your entire family will enjoy without spending a fortune. Getting your kitchen design right the first time is worth doing. Start by working out how you use the kitchen, where you cook, when you cook and how often you shop to sort out how much storage you need and what layout to have. 4 lotus interior experts will help you with the best kitchen ideas that are suitable for your kitchen space and your kitchen needs. You can get more information with our kitchen design experts.

kitchen ideas, renovation and design

Give your chrome sink a fresh look when you paint it. Use sandpaper and a can of spray paint designed for metal to refresh your sink for a fraction of what you would pay to replace it. If painting’s not your thing, upgrade the faucet, a focal point in your kitchen. Select a stylish faucet or a design that fits your personality. A pop of color on the wall draws the eye and adds excitement to a kitchen. You can also choose tile, stick-on metal, or chalkboard paint. Once complete, your colorful or textured backsplash will add visual appeal above your sink or behind your stove. Stay connected for more ideas and tips.

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