22 April, 2021

Summer Decorating Ideas


summer decorating ideas

Welcome summer and lighten the look of your home with our experts Simple Summer Decorating Ideas by 4 Lotus interiors that were linked up to our experts creative mind. Keep the color pallet cool and breezy with blues, greens and yellow. Swap in summer artwork, fresh flowers or colorful throw pillows for the fastest possible makeover. Pepper your tables with natural décor, like a bouquet from the garden, greenery from the yard or beach-combing treasures. Summer decorating doesn’t have to be expensive,  you can make a few simple changes to give your home a summer feel.

summer decorating ideas

Our experts can help you suggest some better ideas for your summer decoration projects. Summer is such a great time to bring in simple design and easy living décor. We think the heat makes everyone want to just take it easy and not bother with anything overly fussy. Summer is a time of year spent entertaining air: garden parties, picnics in the park etc. Bring out your brass or copper ware and antique Indian collectives, and style them with fresh flowers for an old-world summer charm. So stay connected with us for more summer or your home décor ideas.

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