13 May, 2021

Lighting trends – shapes, sizes, materials and what’s new

 Lighting is an essential component to a successful design scheme yet is so much more important in wintertime and summertime, when the days are shorter and we spend far more time indoors than usual. Ranging from clusters of bare bulbs in dynamic arrangements, elegant sculptural shapes and styles and vibrantly colored shades. Just like one wrong measurement can make or break a recipe, choosing the wrong sized light fixture can seriously disrupt the design mojo of your space. Designers recommend a happy medium between too big and too small; that way the fixture is harmonious with the scale of the space without overpowering or feeling oddly small.

Lighting trends – shapes, sizes, materials

In modern times, we simply have to function. At work, on the way to work and even at home. No wonder, people feel more and more exhausted. Little do they know what a great impact lighting could have on their energy and well-being. Daily exposure to darkness or artificial light cannot be in terms with the natural human body clock. Vintage fixtures remain popular, but the need for those pieces to complement modern style has led to a crowd-pleasing shift. This trend blends sleek lines with the classic comfort found in natural materials, such as wood and hand-worked metal. Stay connected with us for more lightning solutions.

Lighting trends – shapes, sizes, materials

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