24 June, 2021

Summer decorating and designing ideas for home

 Summer is such a great time to bring in simple design and easy living décor. I think the heat makes everyone want to just take it easy and not bother with anything overly fussy. Lighten up those rooms. If you have dark sofas, consider throwing some lighter slipcovers on them, or get some lighter & brighter pillow covers. Paint a dark piece of furniture that has been bugging you for a while, add some fresh bright curtains, & on & on. The heart of any living room is the sofa (or sectional!) so that’s where we start decorating for summer! Adding pillows in elegant prints and colors will give your living room an instant summery vibe!

Adding greenery with plants and or flowers is one of my essential living room design elements. How about bringing out all the fun summery kitchen décor to create a vignette? If you love to play with dishes and they look so pretty displayed on a table! It’s time to brainstorm your color scheme. This will really help you to narrow down more things to put away. It’s important to clear away room in your spaces for two obvious reasons: you don’t want to keep adding and make it too cluttered and also it frees up the space to allow your creativity to expand. With an already decorated room it’s hard to think and imagine.

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